What To Wear To A Photo Shoot

This is the question that I get asked most often before a shoot. 

The easiest is to start with picking out one outfit that you love, and build the other outfits from that, coordinating colours and styles.

  • White shirts on jeans/khakis are the first example of what NOT to wear. Yes, this was a very popular trend in the 90’s, but that was 20 years ago.
    Make sure all the colours compliment each other, rather than have them match exactly.
  • This is easiest the most important rule to remember when it comes to your outfits. You should feel comfortable with what you are wearing. Feeling relaxed and like yourself is the most important part, as this will be conveyed in the photos as well.
  • Keep the setting of the shoot in mind. Whether it is urban, or at home, or in the park. Reds and blues look wonderful against a green background in the park, but might not go too well with decorations in your house.


  • Although patterns can be great for photoshoots, make sure not to have too many clashing patterns. If someone in the shoot is wearing bold patterns, rather pick another outfit with single colours that goes well with the one with the patterns.
  • Shoes can be more important than you think. Full-body shots might also be taken, as well as photos of only the feet.
  • Graphics on T-shirts can be hard to get to fit in with the theme, colours and patterns of the rest of the outfits. Try to avoid too much text or very specific characters (e.g. Disney characters), though, as this will distract from the rest of the photo.
  • Layers work really well with photos. Layers of clothing, but also if you like scarves or accessories.

Most of all, remember to have fun with your family and enjoy it!