Megan & Ian's Family

There are those days when it looks like it’s going to be nice and sunny all day. Then the clouds pack together to make for a broody afternoon, with the sun nowhere in sight. Gone is the light for the golden hour of photography and the hopes for catching that nice lens flare coming in at the corner of the photograph. 
But unexpectedly, at the perfect moment the sun makes its way through the density and presents us with the most gorgeous light.

Ian & Megan met us with their 2 beautiful girls Emily & Claire just as the sun decided to join us again. We took a walk through the park, every now and then stopping to play with bubbles, look at the ducks, the girls riding their bikes, some shots in between and always a cuddle for the girls. 

It was good to get to know them a little better before their wedding shoot coming up in two weeks. It just showed us again how important a pre-shoot is before the big day. Everyone is more relaxed and feel more comfortable with each other, instead of having to worry about this stranger walking around amongst all your loved ones.

Looking forward with them to their big day!