Faraday Muti Market

In the middle of Johannesburg, is a big market. It is just the place to be if you decide you need a prophecy from a real sangoma - a medicine man. If you have an ache or a pain somewhere, you can get every kind of muti (traditional medicine) you need. If you are feeling unlucky, there are many lucky charms or talismans to try and turn it around. From starfish, to weird-looking fruit to even animal by-products.

Except for this buffalo skull, there were also the hides of different animals and other by-products.

There are colourful characters walking around, all of them very eager to pose for a photo...once you have agreed on a price to pay of course. Even though we had made an agreement before to pay a certain amount per person, which would give us a guide and also the opportunity to take photos of whatever we want, this was obviously not run by the vendors themselves. Most of whom are ready to shout: "R50!", the minute they see the cameras. So you resort to friendliness and sometimes being a bit sneaky to get the shots you want.

Still, in-between you get a lot of smiles and enough people who didn't mind us snapping away. And all of them willing enough to tell us what their products can do for us. 

In stark contrast to all the traditional medicine, are some of the youngsters hanging around in their modern clothing, obviously looking to hip-hop artists and the like for inspiration on what to wear and how to act. 

All in all it was a very interesting experience, something you don't see everyday and definitely do not expect in the bustling centre of a big city. But in Africa, anything is possible.