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50% deposit is required to confirm a booking. The balance of the payment is due either before, or on the day of the shoot. Deposits are non-refundable. Deposits will be forfeited for any photoshoot cancelled less than 48 hours in advance. We hereby also agree that cancelation on our end of the agreement will only occur in extreme unforeseen circumstances (i.e. death or extreme illness) and a back-up photographer will be arranged in this case.
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You acknowledge our rights to the images and to the extent necessary, you hereby assign, cede, transfer and make over to Ytje Photography any and all rights in such images. Ytje Photography retains the right to use any such images in our blog or portfolio, as well as marketing materials and any other uses that we deem suitable. In return, Ytje Photography will not use any images for purposes other than promoting the photography business. Apart from marketing, no financial gain will be received from your images. No image will be shared on a platform where it is not associated with Ytje Photography.
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