First family, a town and an ocean

One of the big joys and benefits of visiting Holland for me, is the fact that I have family living all over. What makes it difficult, is that there are more family than we had days. We tried to combine it all.
From Ghent, we went to my aunt who lives in The Netherlands on the border of Belgium. In a town called Etten-Leur. With her husband being a photographer as well, it was bound to be a success for Neill too, as it would be his first time meeting the extended family.

We had a great time with them the couple days we were there. A day was spent walking about 13/14 km through the town, and afterwards having a well-deserved beer on the terrace of De Witte Leeuw. 

We also took a drive to Domburg in Zeeland, a beautiful coastal town, where we walked along the dunes and the beach, before sitting down for lunch and a beer at a beach café. As we had the most gorgeous weather and such a breath-taking sky, we had a blast as photographers!
Evenings were spent with music, talk & drinks. My uncle also took us to see his company's studio, where he shoots products for advertisements. It was good to see a completely different world to our style & type of photography.

My aunt was kind enough to invite two of her sisters over, who lives nearby, so we could meet up with them as well. My cousin also came over with her husband, and I got to meet her sweet little girl too. For this travel blog, I will not be sharing too many photos of the family, but rather only of the places we've seen.
It was a great couple of days, and we hope to someday return the favour when they come to visit us in the southern hemisphere!