Puppy Love

After a couple hours of taking photos of puppies Saturday, I realised two things. I really want one and if I do get one, I can cancel my gym contract. 

I visited puppy school Paws2Train to take some photos while Carina and Melinda works with their student puppies. The loving way they teach the puppies with positive reinforcement and how they get the owners involved, was an absolute pleasure to witness.

It was great being able to join in one of the classes and document how these two wonderful ladies work. In just the one class, I could see the pups improving and learning, all whilst having fun with their owners and their playmates. The pups was fun to take photos of, they were wonderful subjects and created such beautiful images with me. That is, if they were willing to stand still for 5 seconds!

They also offer individual classes with dogs who are over five and half months and can't join the puppy class. Here they help teach the dogs also the basic obedience training, also using positive training. Always encouraging, rather than punishing.

It was a tiring but fun morning, and I would love to join Paws2Train again for some more lovely puppy love. Go take a look at their site by clicking on their name in this post.