A visit to the fire station.

A trip to the fire station is always exciting, wether you are 6 or 26. That’s why when my sister asked me if I want to join her and her two beautiful little girls to a trip to the fire station with their playgroup, I didn’t hesitate to go.

So off we went to the Centurion Fire Station in Lyttleton. I didn’t even know the fire department still allows visits, but then again I never really thought of it. When we arrived there with 13 of the mini-people, all under the age of 5 and their mothers, of course the big, shiny fire engine attracted a lot of attention. More so from the grown-ups than from the kids. How often do you get to see one of these from so close up anyway? 

It was interesting to see all the valves and pumps from up close, and really get a better understanding of the process these men and women go through to save so many lives. Some of the trucks have onboard tanks to provide the firefighters with the water they need, but a lot of trucks rely on water sources at the place of fire, like fire hydrants or even natural sources like rivers. The water is then pressurised into a vaporous mist, which is more efficient in the cooling down process than water alone. Some fire engines have an apparatus to mix foam with the water, which is more effective than water alone. 

While one half of the group were taken for a trip around the block in the impressive fire truck, the other half were being shown how the hoses work and everyone brave enough were given a turn to hold the hoses. Now we know why all the firefighters have such strong arms! The hoses really have kick-back from the pressure from the water. 

The groups were then swopped around and we got a turn to drive in the fire engines as well. As we got back, the fire alarm went off and the truck had to quickly be made ready to go fight a real fire. 
A lady firefighter came to show the kids the kit they have to wear: the big boots, the full fire-proof suit, gloves and helmet with visor. The boots almost reached my little 2-year old niece’s chin!
We all sat down to eat some cupcakes and agreed that begin a firefighter is a very brave job indeed.